Sussex wedding / Tipi wedding photography

Being a wedding photographer in London is truly an amazing job. Each wedding I photograph is completely unique. Small personal touches make your wedding day memorable for everyone involved. I would like to share with you a Sussex wedding I shot back in August. My couple Nicky and Gary are such fun people to be around and they had an amazing tipi reception in their back garden.

First of all, I loved this wedding because of the closeness of the family. The lovely Bride prepared for her special day at her family home, and I was able to capture some special moments. The atmosphere of the ceremony was very relaxed, and the weather was very pleasant. The look on Gary’s face when he first saw Nicky walking down the aisle was the highlight of the day ! They two couldn’t stop smiling and giggling with each other and it was lovely to witness.

After the ceremony the guests made their way to the reception which was held in a stunning tipi. A personal touch that I would like to mention is the fact that we stopped off by a local bar where the bride and groom first met. I found this heart-warming, I love going the extra mile for my clients to give the best possible photos for them to look back on.